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MissConception Upcoming Events


Wednesday 7/13: Berber's Got Talent at Berber North Beach

Friday: Le Drags Hot @ Harvey's 7/15 in the Castro 8pm

Saturday 7/16: House of M’s Barrelhouse Drag Brunch at Midnight Sun SF 4pm

Saturday 7/16: Steampunk Masquerade: Electric Dreams — Airpusher Collective Fundraiser at Public Works SF 8pm

7/22-24 Northwest String Summit

Saturday 8/6 Circus Show at The Lama Shack, Oakland 7pm


Saturday 8/6 Late night at the Kinky Salon, Mission Control 11pm

8/7 Harvey's Open Mic - Castro 6-8pm

8/20 Lupin Variety Show @ The Lupin Lodge 

8/27-9/5 Burning Man!!!

9/10 San Bruno Pool Party 

9/23-25 Itzy Burn at Lupin Lodge 


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