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Sara Nicole Glass, known by pen-name “Miss Conception”, is an emcee, activist, and all-around eclectic artist from Kansas City (Missouri), now living in the Bay Area.   An interactive and multi-faceted performer, MissConception spits rhymes and spins hot fire with precision. A spot of poetry? Maybe an improvised whimsical six-hoop LED butterfly performance? When she takes the stage it’s an interactive collective experience for the audience.  With intricate costumes and a playful style, the world is embellished with her unique flair!  Delivering all of the above, and then some, with magic and mystery, MissConception will be bringing her MissChief to a whole new dimension in 2019.

There are few artists who ever reach their potential, and MissConception is on her way to exceeding expectations. Born and raised in Kansas City, she now resides in the San Francisco Bay.  Spitting conscious hip hop in LA to NYC, she's been organizing and overseeing artists for nationally known festivals for over a decade, all the while competing in local poetry slams and dJing club bookings in several major US cities, there is rarely any down time for this one-of-a-kind wordsmith, and for good reason. “MissConception” is a lyrical dynamism not to be taken lightly. Under big, green eyes, with an open heart, she speaks soft words that hit the ears sharp as daggers. There is no mistaking this unique talent to navigate between tribes, uniting on stage with style and grace defined, all while ripping the mic over dirty bass lines.  Watch and learn.

Coming with (what can fittingly be described as) a funk-a-hop-a-dellic , electrograss-driven, futuristical-written space-age sound to make you bounce, MissConception has released four albums, an EP, a book, and several videos so far. With multiple 16-bars penetrating the heart, a spiritual and emotional message that can change peoples’ thought process, moving to a higher consciousness of learning and a proactive intent, deeply burning bright.  Constantly churning out new material brings us to Miss Conception’s 5th album release in 2019, Ceremony.

Beginning with her debut album “MissConception” (produced by Dwill), she focused on the introduction of MissConception as well as environmental issues and social commentary. She moved on the second album “Ostentation” (n. vulgar display, splurge, showiness, a spectacular exhibition; or an ostentation of peacocks) which was heavily influenced by the hip hop movement as well as artists: Jurassic 5 , Brooke Candy and Ani Difranco. Ostentation (produced by Victor Dougherty) and also features several local producers and emcees in the mix including Z Sonic, Nightlife Jones, and Negro Scoe.  Her third release “Saraswati” (the Hindu goddess of art and knowledge) which aimed at a more spiritual conception with the audience, making it easy to see why she has such a large following from very diverse groups of fans. A fourth album, "Saratonin" followed by her published chapbook, "Class Action", an EP titled "Serendipity" produced by Shamus Quinley in 2017 and several other collaborations have led her to her newest body of work, a little project called "Ceremony: Reflections of Perception".

Having played dozens of some of the best venues from Kansas City to the coast, and performing at nationally recognized festivals/gatherings such as Shangri-La, WAKARUSA, Hulaween, Electric Forrest, Art Outside, EDC, Jungle Love, Backwoods, and Burning Man, among others, all confirms the level of competency and respect she has earned as an emcee and as a performer of many trades.

For questions about booking or contacting MissConception, please email: For more information on the art of MissConception, visit


MissConcept also has a passion for dance, movement and performance art. A pro on the hulahoop, from hiphop to belly dancing moves, often playing with fire, she breaks it down on stage in many ways. Her emphasis is on raising the vibration on any level tapping into the momentum of flow and collective energy. Her art is found where meditation, recreation and social activism meet. Please join her in this universal movement of creativity breeding understanding. Collaboration is key in raising community. She offers workshops on the topics of: social activism, creative writing, flow arts, and movement meditations.


Throwing a party of event?

MissConception specializes in:

• PR

• Marketing

• Social Networking

• Graphic Design

• Video Editing

• Website Management

• Organizational

• Writing

• Public Speaking

• Teaching (dance/hoop/writing)

• and more

For bookings, services or logistical questions, email


-One Tribe One Vibe-


MissConception caters shows to:

• Festivals

• Birthday parties of all ages

• Corporate Events

• Parties

• Workshops

• Weddings and more!

She Offers:

• Prop Show

• LED Light Show

• Fire Show

• Side Show Acts

• Live Painting

• Stilts

• Emceeing

• Beginner-Advanced Workshops

• and Beyond!



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